Top 5 Cloud computing Companies, Charges

Cloud computing is state of art technology which provides virtual space and online tools, software and software applications to its user. It is comprising of online virtual storage, Software, Hosting, application, Server, emulated OS for testing, data storage and application launching etc. Cloud computing is become very popular during this decade and why it will not? Having on-campus software and hardware is very costly and it requires management every few weeks in order to keep it running.

There is also risk of online attack, malfunction, theft and virus manifestation but with cloud computing you don’t have to worry of these. Cloud computing gives you access to manage your business from anywhere and anytime with just an internet connected device which in turn increase you overall productivity and flexibility in your business.

Accessibility to manage a business from anywhere and anytime improves your business and customer satisfaction greatly and implementing new strategy, idea or even new program is very easy.
While cloud computing provides you many services and tools to help you stay in business. It also protects your data and privacy by monitoring internet, analyzing new method of online threats and attack, implementing measure against them, regularly updating their software and antivirus program. They also have a great layer of security and great support team.

Cloud computing helps your business reach a new level but they also cost you little. The cost of cloud computing comparing to on-campus hardware and computer network is very much cheaper. Most of cloud computing company charges you on model of pay-as-you-go, which means you just need to pay what you use and how much you use.
Cloud computing provides many services and mentioning them here is quite hard so we’re mentioning only few of them.• Virtual Server and Storage space
• Secure Hosting and designing
• Networking and remote accessibility to any file, application, tool and software
• Data storage, Management and security
• Virtual Customer support
• App and software implementation and testing
• Troubleshooting and Code-implementation
• And many more.
Here we are also discussing some of the best providers of cloud computing in the world. If your wondering which company to choose from, you can get idea from list below.

1. Amazon web service (AWS) – It was started in year 2016 (April) and is subsidiary of popular online store amazon. It is one of the best cloud computing companies and provides its services to many well know international companies, Government agencies and Individuals. Its service includes private and public hosting, app designing and implementation, data management and many free tool and software. It also provides great security layer along with 24×7 customer support service. It charges you on basis on pay-as-you-go.

2. Microsoft Azure (Azure) – This company is well known for its great and vast services in cloud computing field. It is subsidiary of Microsoft and all of its services and data is managed through Microsoft data centers situated all around globe. It was first released on October 27, 2008. It provides building and designing, implementing and testing, deploying and managing applications on its platform and also provides many tools and services along-with. It also uses same price model as AWS – Pay-as-you-go.

3. Google cloudGoogle cloud was first launched on April 7, 2008 and till now a large number of services has been added to it. It is a part of google company which one of most popular search engines. It has a great security and a dedicated team to protect you and your data from theft and online attacks. It provides many google software and tools API integration, Storage and Databases, Networking and Cloud AI, Management tools and Identity & Security and IoT platform for its user. Google cloud computing have same price charging model as AWS and Microsoft azure, which is pay-as-you-go.

4. Alibaba cloud or Aliyun – it is subsidiary of Alibaba group and was launched in year 2009 (September). It provides its services to business and to its own e-Commerce company. It provides services like Hosting, storage and databases, Cloud networking and CDN, Big-Data processing. It has 24 global data centers in US, UK, Australia, India and Singapore along with other countries and operates globally. Alibaba cloud computing or Aliyun charges on basis of pay-as-you-go model and it have significantly low charges for some of its features.

5. IBM Cloud computing – Service from this cloud computing provider is offered by world renowned Information technology company IBM, as it is named. It has great flexibility and offers a lot of free tool and software for user on their platform. It also offers you to contribute in the community by providing essential information, report and new ideas. It have in-built support for virtualization. For Virtualization, IBM offers many services and tools which includes IBM WebSphere, which includes programming models online, deployment and testing, and open standard for virtualization. It also provides business to business interaction, security, analysis of data and tested apps, storage and data management and virtual hosting. Price may differ greatly for option but they are cheap. It also uses same model as pay-as-you-go.
These are list of top 5 companies which provides best cloud computing services along with free trials. Hope it’ll assist you in choosing the best and suitable company for you or your business.

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