What is edge cloud, Providers, charges

Edge computing brings the capabilities of the cloud closer to the end-user or end-device. There is an ongoing debate about edge computing versus traditional fog computing. In fact, both have similar purposes. The main difference is that fog cloud computing can involve running intelligence on end-devices encryption and is more focused on the Internet of … Read more

What is Cloud adoption? Providers, Charges

Cloud computing adoption rapidly increasing day by day with the help of cloud specific spending expected to grow more than seven times the rate of normal IT spending in comparison of 2020. Many large organizations have already successfully implemented SaaS solutions or adopted cloud first strategy for there new systems, for bulk systems to the … Read more

What is Web Hosting, Types

In most generic sense, Hosting is defined as a service through which storage or computing resource or service is provided to an individual, Business or an organization for its accommodation and maintenance of one or more website, computing and related services. These hosting services are internet based not IP and can be accessed from all … Read more

Top 5 Cloud computing Companies, Charges

Cloud computing is state of art technology which provides virtual space and online tools, software and software applications to its user. It is comprising of online virtual storage, Software, Hosting, application, Server, emulated OS for testing, data storage and application launching etc. Cloud computing is become very popular during this decade and why it will … Read more

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