How to Make Beef Jerky – Tips For New Recipes

You know all about how to make beef jerky at the local barbeque but have you given any thought to making beef jerky at home? There are many ways to make beef jerky. But they all boil down to one basic concept, moist the beef in water and salt until it becomes a tasty and hygienic snack that is great for a long-term healthy relationship with our meat.

When you go to a barbeque you get the same old thing: bunches of beef jerky that is either made from cheap cuts of meat, sliced up and served cold or dipped in sauce. But if you really want to know how to make beef jerky at home, you need to do things differently. Making jerky means getting the right kind of ingredients, such as fatback, panko, salt and pepper, and baking in an oven. Once you get all those ingredients together you can take a long soak in the soaking solution to cook your beef. Soaking time varies based on the size of your cut of meat.

To make your own how to make beef jerky at home, first you will need some fatback. Fatback comes in two varieties, salted and flavored. You will need to make a mix of both to create the desired seasoning. Most often, seasoned fatback is a mixture of ground beef spices and bacon, though other ingredients can be used as well.

When making your own how to make beef jerky at home, you will need two cutting boards to slice your meat on. The type of cutting board you use will depend upon the size and shape of your beef. Shorter pieces will require a different board than longer pieces. When you are slicing your jerky, it is important to be careful to not slice yourself or any of the natural components of the meat.

A how to make beef jerky recipe will tell you that you need to soak the beef before you begin to cut into it. Before you start to cut into the meat, make sure that it is completely dry. If not, your snack will become tough, as well as messy. You want to soak the meat overnight to allow the soaking to come into its own. Make sure that you are near a water source, as well. If you find that you are dehydrating the beef without water, adding water can help to bring the moisture level up to what you need.

You will find that a how to make beef jerky recipe will show you that you need to marinate your jerky for several hours. This will help to create an atmosphere where the jerky will get access to some of the most nutrients available. Many people use beef that has already been soaked and then refrigerated for a few days. If you choose to do this, be sure that you keep it in the refrigerator for the entire length of time you plan on marinating. Any longer than this, and you’ll have a snack that is going to cause you problems with digestion.

Once you have finished the soak and the marinade, you’re ready to make a how to make beef jerky recipe. It is important to not overheat the jerky when you are cutting it. Cutting straight into it when it is hot will cause it to be very difficult to cut. A food dehydrator works great for making this cuts much easier. If you’re drying by hand, be sure to place it directly on a cooling rack for the best results.

The first time you make this kind of beef jerky you may want to start out with a simple recipe. As you get more experienced with this process, you will likely want to try out a few different ones. You may even decide that you want to make all different kinds. The bottom line is that there is no one flavor that is the best. Every person who makes them likes a different flavor. It’s all up to you.

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