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The hunt for the best way on how to stop smoking now is as intense today as it was when cigarettes were first introduced onto the market. People are not only searching for an easy solution, but they are also determined to find one that will last longer than the rest of their lives. Each year, millions of people try and give up smoking, most failing. The main problem is that they do not know how to stop smoking now properly. The following are 3 ways to give up cigarettes today in order to live longer and quit easily:

Zyban (Zyban – also known as bupropion) is an anti-depressant, but in fact, it also helps people quit smoking. As with varenicline, Zyban reduces the serotonin shortage experienced in people who quit smoking and therefore may also reduce the irritability and other difficulties in focusing related to quitting smoking. Zyban works by blocking the acetycholine receptors in the brain that interact with nicotine. Although Zyban works well in a clinical trial, it can also be used effectively without the need for a clinical trial because it is a low risk, medication.

Theophylline is yet another natural aid for how to stop smoking now. It works by relieving the nervous system and central nervous system of the physical and psychological effects of nicotine withdrawal. Because Theophylline is available in pill form, smokers can take it at home and can also use it when travelling. It works well as a daytime or nightshadebreak drug. Theophylline has been shown to reduce smokers urge to smoke by as much as 67%.

The combination of nicotine patches and gum works well, but they also have some bad side effects. Patches usually provide just enough of a nicotine level to curb smoking desire. Some people, however, find that they need to use a little more of the nicotine patch than recommended in order to stop. They feel that they are not getting nicotine levels where they need them to be. This can lead to frustration and anxiety about the effectiveness of the patches on how to stop smoking now.

Zyban is another prescription medication that can help people stop smoking now. It is the only prescription medication approved by the FDA to help smokers quit cigarettes. Zyban reduces the physical and psychological cravings for nicotine in smokers.

Prozac is another prescription medication that is often given with Zyban. Zyban and Prozac work together in the sense that the Prozac makes the patient’s nicotine withdrawal symptoms that are associated with how to stop smoking now more intense. For example, the Prozac makes the patient wake up at night with an extremely strong craving for cigarettes. The Prozac also reduces this intensity to what some may consider to be a mild level.

In fact, many who take Zyban or take Prozac find that they are able to stop smoking with less effort than when they were taking their nicotine patches. It should be noted that Zyban is a prescription drug and must be taken by a physician. Prozac can be purchased over the counter. The manufacturers of Zyban have included a leaflet with the drug to tell users how to take it to reduce any potential side effects.

Stop smoking now programs can also be very beneficial. Programs like “It’s Your Money” can help those who are having trouble making a commitment to stop smoking now. This type of program can be very successful for those who are struggling to quit the cigarette habit. Stopping smoking now does not have to be a difficult task if you know how to stop smoking now.

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