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What it takes to be a Nurse

Do you believe you are compassionate, caring, multitasking, nerves of steel under stress type person and love science? Then maybe nursing is the right occupation for you. Nursing jobs in Dubai are available with handsome perks and benefits.

People might not be aware but nursing requires a formal 4 year education along with rigorous formal training as well. The degree Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN or BScN) includes courses in social and behavioral sciences and liberal arts including nutrition, anatomy, chemistry and mathematics.

Not all countries require a bachelor’s degree for entry in the field of nursing and an associates degree/certification is also considered well enough for many. However, in order to proceed further it is ideal for one to acquire a proper tertiary education. The recommended course of action would be to acquire the minimum education required, get employment (part time or full term) and simultaneously complete the tertiary education.

Dubai Nursing Jobs Vacancies

Nursing Jobs in Dubai

Experts predict that a nursing boom is around the corner as old ones retire and baby boomers grow up. Although for now the Nursing jobs in Dubai is considered tight for nursing as well.

Nursing is fortunately not restricted to hospitals. There are plenty of opportunities for nurses in old age homes, home care, rehabilitation centers and long term care facilities. Even volunteer work at any clinic can translate into a long term career because the worth of professional experience in nursing is priceless.

Nursing itself is hard work. It’s generally the backbone of every medical procedure as nurses are usually the first to cater to any patient. Sometimes even before a doctor arrives. While doctors are specified according to their particular specialization, nurses deal with every type of patient from providing first aid to trauma patients to teaching health to children, from assisting in child birth to dealing with the elderly. From counselling patients and families about their medications to injecting IV lines, nurses practically do it all.

If you believe you can multitask (attending to 3-4 patients at a time) and make crucial, lifesaving decisions then pursuing nursing is the correct choice for you. At we keep daily updates on Nursing jobs in Dubai so stay tuned with us to be updated.

Do you think nursing is the right path for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lets Explore Nursing Jobs in Dubai & UAE:

Female Nurse

Industry: Medical Clinic
Job Location: Ras Al Khaimah
License: MOH License
Salary: 6000 AED /month
Email CV: [email protected]
Posted Date: 11th January 2021

Dental Nurse

Company Name: RMC
Industry: Dental Clinic
Job Location: Al Ain
License: HAAD license
Email CV: [email protected]
Posted Date: 4th January 2021


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