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IPL 2021: Stephen Fleming says, 'We’ll continue to back Ruturaj Gaikwad' despite consecutive failures; CSk vs RR; Chennai Super Kings
IPL 2021: Stephen Fleming says, ‘We’ll continue to back Ruturaj Gaikwad’ despite consecutive failures; CSk vs RR; Chennai Super Kings

IPL 2021: Stephen Fleming says, ‘We’ll continue to back Ruturaj Gaikwad’ despite consecutive failures- CSK head coach Stephen Fleming came up with a big statement in press conference on Monday post win over Rajasthan Royals. He said that Ruturaj Gaikwad will continue to be backed by CSK.

“Yeah, he (Robin Uthappa) is waiting and Ruturaj has a little bit of time last year with the way he played. You know our philosophy, we give our players a good run. What they want to try and do is that the intent is there, the timing is great. We’ll continue to back him. We’ll make a decision to change at some point. We discuss it pretty hard but at the moment backing a good young player,” Fleming said.

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He was surprised to see the absence of dew factor at Wankhede.

“Today’s pitch was a little bit drier and there wasn’t much dew, which is a good sign and there wasn’t much dew so there was plenty of opportunity in the second innings but as I say it isn’t gonna be like that in the next game. So we are back to the drawing-room, making sure that we assess more.”

He also shed light on Moeen Ali’s contribution.

“Oh, yes he is turning all-around. Moeen Ali’s contribution is exactly what we were looking forward to.  So, absolutely great with the way he started. In regards to the way, we are playing the game. I’m really excited about that. I don’t think we played a good 20 overs with the bat yet but still able to get the high score. So the long resource we have, we’re using and we are pushing opposition hard. So we are playing a positive brand throughout. But, Moeen has been really impressive in the way he’s played at No.3. he’s been instrumental,” Fleming opined.

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He also spoke about the benefit of watching matches played in between their fixtures.

“It’s really a question of something we were concentrating on. We were watching the games between us and we try and learn as much as we can but the assessment from where you arrive at the ground to the first ball and first over through is really important and each wicket got the same personality. So, we are working really really hard to try and gaze whats a good score and it is gonna be dew tonight. So there are a lot of factors, some of that unknown, hard to predict, some of them a little bit easier to understand but whatever in front was on the right side of it.”

“It’s good, the conditions today, I’m not too sure how long the conditions will play. We are not sure, we move on pretty soon but it’s interesting that the track is now taking tricks so Wankhede, taking a little bit of turn which is a little bit unusual but you’ve to look at the schedule and realize that there’s a lot of games in short space of time. So, we budgeted them into our plans and pleased today that they were taking shape but nice to get one way, one the other and also provide batting depth as well. So, was happy with the way we played.”

IPL 2021

“Our budget is managing the order because we have many resources. But there will be opportunities where we probably look to throw them up. That’s one of the challenges of our strategy but at the moment, we’re looking at a bit of solid order and look to certain parts of the game and look to the conditions that they can provide us in terms of how e can attack. We know gonna have a lot of batting and the way we are playing is really encouraging. We haven’t put together perfect innings by any means but for the skipper, it will be a big part of it going forward,” Fleming signed off

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