What is Web Hosting, Types

In most generic sense, Hosting is defined as a service through which storage or computing resource or service is provided to an individual, Business or an organization for its accommodation and maintenance of one or more website, computing and related services. These hosting services are internet based not IP and can be accessed from all over globe with a internet connected device.

There are a broad range of hosting and very broad range of uses. Here we are dictating only two types of hosting.
1. Web Hosting
2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
3. Shared Hosting

1. Web Hosting – Web hosting is a service that permits an individual, firm or an organization and to post websites or web pages on the Internet. A website hosting service provider or company, is a organization or association or system that provides the required tools and technologies, software, applications and services needed for a website or webpage in order to appear on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers, which stores all its data and form in a coded language and translates it to appear on screen.

Whenever an Internet users desire to view that specific webpage, all they need to do is type that desired website URL address into their internet browser application. Their browser on Internet connected device will then connect to your website hosting server and your webpages will be delivered to them in a special format in order to be readable and understandable through your web browser application.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) – A VPS, or virtual private server, is a virtual operating system that live or host inside a desired parent server and uses technology of virtualization to provide dedicated private resources to other virtual servers on its platform. Simulated, dedicated VPS hosting environments are built on a host like; a computer or computer network or other internet device that is connected along with other computers or devices via a dedicated network, a server, called as “parent server”, or a cluster (network) of servers.
A VPS mimics many of the qualities of a physical server with similar processes and functionality. Although it acts like a physical server, it is actually a piece of software that is emulating dedicated hardware.

3. Shared Hosting – Shared hosting, also known as virtual Web hosting, is a way to host your own website or webpages on a single physical server that along with multiple other website or webpages. shared hosting provides software and applications accessible through your client area, that make it easier to host, edit, manage and access your dedicated website.

The shared hosting is like sharing different area of room with other people and living in it by paying a very low fee. Shared hosting is mainly used by small companies and small-scale businesses or people. At a present time, Hundreds or thousands of users from all around the globe can share the same server, which means they split the costs as well, which in turn make it cheaper. This platform makes shared hosting one of the cheapest, easiest and most popular option among all other type of web hosting setups. From all over the globe, many businesses, bloggers, news websites, individuals, start-ups, MSMEs and small-scale businesses use shared hosting to host and manage their websites because it is so easy to get started and cheapest.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting – This type of hosting is only dedicated to a single entity or a person or a business. Dedicated servers are great for large scale business which have great number of customer or people base. A dedicated server includes all managing and client area software and applications along with a pre-set anti-attack and protection package to monitor and prevent you from online threats. This type of hosting is very costly but have minimum outside interfere, bugs, and trouble in managing your webpages, Website, Domains and data. It also provides you great speed, bandwidth and privacy. You may also implement your own security measures and software for next level of ultimate protection your all webpages and clients reaching out via website.

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